American Memories E​.​P

by American Memories

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This is our E.P we recorded in our band room, finished it in about 3 days total. all mixing and recording on album and artwork and anything else to do with band is all done by us.

Album is set to free but If you wanna help out, any help money wise is much appreciated.


released December 6, 2012

credit to all our family and friends who support us and to the venues that have to listen to our music, and thanks to Satan for rock and roll

All Recordings by : Trey Hanawalt



all rights reserved


American Memories Portland, Oregon

R.I.P 2012 - 2017

4 dudes who play sad jams

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Track Name: Free Big D
Why am I here again?
I've been stuck here for too long
Your many faces have stained my brain
I just can't take this pain

Buried six feet under
I can still feel your touch
And even though it was last summer
I still miss it so much

I can hear you call
But I am still here
Track Name: Ghost Town
(Rich) Always in places I can't stand to be
Cracked wood, dusty boards on your attic ceiling
Family photos of the good days, the good times
What ever happened to your American eyes?

You're fading
I'm leaving

You're fading
I'm sorry
For everything

I'm sorry
for everything
and all your lost

(Mark) Nothing is ever whole
everything is broken into pieces
we have to put it back together
we have to put it back together
Track Name: Bridges
I'm burning my bridges
with everyone and everything
I ever loved

Because it hurts me
when they say
we haven't spoken in six months

Well shit changes in half a year
I've been breaking my bones
to get out of here

But it's hard to keep my head above the water
When you're all pulling me down

And when your dying out here you're dying alone
when your dying out here, you're fucking dying alone

Over a phone call
on the interstate
it's where I lost

And it's where I'll be
it's where I've always been
it's where I'll be
it's where I've always been
Track Name: Driving all Night
The door is half closed
the light is coming in
I'm breaking it down
and letting something new begin

the walls will rot out
the roots will break the floor
i'll leave my heart here
but it won't beat anymore

Remember those long nights drinking
well of course you don't
but we had those long conversations
about the things we wanna do
but won't
like driving all night
ignoring the road signs
like driving all night
ignoring the road signs
Track Name: Empty Houses
Passionate heartbreak
lifeless heartache

Love could grow like the tree my father planted
but now the house is sold and love is gone
am I okay? am I okay? I'm not

All my friends are gone
what the fuck did I miss?
Maybe next year things will be better
But odds are I will regret this

Maybe next year...