Dreadful Night

by American Memories

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released June 6, 2014

Songs written by American Memories

Rich Gilliam | Guitar/Vocals
Trey Hanawalt | Drums/Vocals

Recorded and mastered by Stephen Hines at "The Wormhole"

Photography by Ben Zucker



all rights reserved


American Memories Portland, Oregon

R.I.P 2012 - 2017

4 dudes who play sad jams

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Track Name: Prelude
And now at last authentic word I bring,
Witnessed by every dead and living thing;
Good tidings of great joy for you, for all:
There is no God; no Fiend with names divine
Made us and tortures us; if we must pine,
It is to satiate no Being's gall.
Track Name: Psychosphere
Better to have never been
than to exist in the world of suffering
a fleeting moment of happiness fades
just as slowly as the tick of the clock

i'm stuck in the present
watching life pass by in a linear form
forever haunted by the hours, the minutes
a ghostly shadow forlorn

why was i born?
why was i?

why should i make you suffer?
why should i make you hate?
why should i make you struggle?
when only death awaits...
Track Name: Frank S.C.
Whiskey bottles on the shelf
reminders I hate myself
And the man that I am
Disappointing my parents

Burning photos in the backyard
of you and me
Throwing out my t-shirts
I left in your backseat

I'm drinking pain
I'm drinking sorrow
I don't know where
I'll be tomorrow

It's your bare skin
It's your red lips
It's all your best friends
At fucking college

And I am scared that I'm just a portrait
Of everyone I've ever met
Filled in with bits and pieces

And I don't know where I have gone
And I don't know who I will become
Track Name: We Will Always End Up Alone
If you want me
To come over
I'm not doing much

Just drunk again
On the couch

But who knows if I'll make
Or how well I'll actually park
Because in the end it's the same result
We both end up alone

The way I looked at you
Everytime you had to leave
I'm still as lost as I was eighteen

The way I talked to you
I hope it sounded like I cared
Because I did.
Track Name: Darkness
Here in the darkness I can lie still
Free at last from my own breath

Admissions of guilt
From a life I've barely lived
Hidden shame
Coming out of my eyelids

I'm stuck between
Who I am
And who I've Always been
Underneath this thick skin

Here in the darkness I can lie still
Free at last from my own breath