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This is our full length album titled "Home" it has taken us awhile to finish this album but we did it. Hope you enjoy this release. email us, Facebook us, tumblr, anything. Let us know what you think, if you want us to play shows with your band or in your town, hit us up and we will try to come out. Thank you everyone for listening

Cassettes from Lost State Records




released October 4, 2013

Rich Gilliam-Guitar/Vocals, Trey Hanawalt- Drums/bass guitar/Vocals

Guest appearance from our friend Benjamin Zucker. Spoken word part on "Lung Capacity", also Guest drums and vocals on track "Life goes on

Recorded in American Memories band room

Recorded and Mastered by: Trey Hanawalt



all rights reserved


American Memories Portland, Oregon

R.I.P 2012 - 2017

4 dudes who play sad jams

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Track Name: Our Past, My Life
conversations long forgotten
eyes heavy red, watered down, and swollen
it’s halfway through the year
i told myself i would grow up
but i haven’t grown at all

skyscrapers made from bottle caps
cheap women smoking even cheaper cigarettes
i’m just as broken as i was six months ago
i thought i’d let you know

i could keep writing these songs
but they only bring back memories
faint whispers of regrets
in the moments that i one day
will forget

it only takes time
it only takes time

like that one night
we were so fucked up at your house
with pictures in the kitchen

drinking in the living room
glances on the couch
i only wish i’d had the heart i do now

are you happier without me?
sleeping alone
are you happier without me?
i’m always sleeping alone

are you happier?
Track Name: Stick N' Poke
stick and poke tattoos
drunk and stupid on some roof
i sat alone and dreamt of you
and all the things i'd like to do
when I grow up
it's only been 3 years
and I'm still feeling the same
but there will always be
the things i wish would change

sat alone by the bay
premeditating the shit i'd say
if i ever make it back home
to your doorstep but you're inside
getting undressed for some new guy
and i'm so sorry i even tried
to say that i love you

by the ocean
by the sea
in the depths beneath me
Track Name: Mid August
these bags under my eyes
are weighing me down
i'm feeling lost
not the same in this fucking town

you used to be so carefree
but what the hell went wrong
now you feel so empty
when you're on your own

7 pounds of flesh on the scale
trying to move on but not able too
cause things aren't the same as last year
at least not when I look in the mirror

your face looks backwards
it's not me
I used to be so full of life
now I'm just so fucking empty

Waking up screaming
scared of the dark wondering
whose bed is this?
am I dreaming?
Track Name: Empty Houses
Passionate heartbreak
Lifeless heartache.

Love could grow
Like the tree my father planted

But now the house is sold
And love is gone.

Am I okay?
Am I okay?
I'm not.

All my friends are gone
What the fuck did I miss?
Maybe next year things will be better
But odds are I will regret this.

Maybe next year.
Track Name: Past Mistakes
Did a new state
Give you a clean slate
Provided that some way
You could forget your past mistakes

Cause when you're halfway
Across the country
Trying to sleep
On some fucking commercial flight
With your eyes wide open

I saw your face
On my computer screen
And I realized that you're gone now
And that you probably forgot me

When you're halfway
Across the country
I drove you to the airport

I saw your friends
At some fucking party last night
I asked how you'd been
They said you're probably alright

So I got piss ass drunk
And called out your name
Took out my phone
To dial your number

You picked up as I slurred each and every single word
That was meant to say I wish you'd come home
I wish that you would come back home.
Track Name: Life Goes on
The ferris wheel at the county fair
Taking you higher than you've ever been
Even more so than last week
When you smoked in that car to forget these streets.

Tried to call once or twice to say I love you, but realized that I moved on
And that you probably moved on too.

Cowardice at it's best
Just needed some liquid courage.

And I told myself
That life goes on
With each cycle of the seasons
But without reason
I've got nothing
To believe in.

Can I still see you on Sundays?
Can I still hold your hand?
Can I still kiss you the way you said
You'd never forget

I wasn't always so depressed
I just kind of ended up like this
After a series of bad decisions
and regrets...
Track Name: Lung Capacity
From some bedroom window
Looking out at who I used to be
So lost and lonely

Was it the years gone past?
Or just the friendships
that never lasted?

Drinking down the past 3 months
Old photos of the good times we lost
Killing myself slowly
Because I don't have the energy to breathe.

My lungs are filled with dust.

Memories of the life I've lost.